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Effective date for entry: 9/28/2016

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Contact information

Mailing address: P.O. Box 600122
Newtonville, MA 02460


Commonwealth Chorale (formerly Newton Choral Society) is dedicated to creating musical performances that delight and touch the heart of both audience and performers alike by bringing to life the expressive power and intent of the composer. We will not have done our job if you leave a CC concert unmoved.

The Chorale presents both beloved masterpieces and new works we frequently commission. We have taken on challenging works that non-professional groups rarely tackle, such as Poulenc's Mass in G and Milhaud's Psaumes. We believe in growing and stretching musically, and we think it's fun.

We take pride in our frequent collaborations with prestigious soloists and orchestras. We have performed with the Boston Philharmonic and the New Philharmonia. As Newton Choral Society, we have sung at Symphony Hall in Boston, and Carnegie Hall in New York.

Commonwealth Chorale attracts singers from the greater Boston metropolitan area.

Music Director:David Carrier
Year founded:1976
Number of Singers:90
Age, gender:adults/mixed

Chorus contact Person: David Carrier, Music Director, tel: 617-527-7464, fax: 617-536-3975

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