Mary Whitney Rowe: 2001 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

On September 30, 2001, Choral Arts New England recognized Mary Whitney Rowe with its Lifetime Achievement Award in Wells River, Vermont. Beginning in 1951, Mary Rowe blended community singers of northern Vermont and New Hampshire into a chorus that received raves about its musical excellence, whether performing in New England or on tours to England, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, and Poland. Ms. Rowe's particular expertise was to enhance the capabilities of untrained singers, molding them into a fellowship of accomplished and enduring musicians.

"Mary Whitney Rowe"

Founded in 1947 and under her direction since 1951, the North Country Chorus was shaped in large part by the artistry and spirit of Mary Whitney Rowe. Performing regularly in Wells River, Vermont, Peacham, Vermont, and Littleton, New Hampshire, the chorus delivered a broad range of professionally performed classical music in an area where few other organizations had achieved the same level of artistry and range of musical expression.

The Lifetime Achievement Award of Choral Arts New England is awarded to individuals like Mary Whitney Rowe whose vision and collective spirit enhance both individual singers and their respective communities.