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Events will be listed on the Choral Arts New England events calendar. Anyone may post; events should be choral performances or events of interest to choral singers or choruses in New England. All submissions are subject to review, and will be posted following approval by the moderator.

As of June 2020 we will list online events. Just type (or paste) the event link in the "Location/Address" box. Online events do not need to have a physical venue, city, or state—but you may add those details after the web address (link).

If your event occurs more than once, please enter all the venues and dates together on the same form. Just click the "Add date/place" button in the lower right to open another entry. (The button will then change to "delete" to allow you to change your mind.)

Feel free to cut and paste text from elsewhere. Text formatting is not copied into the fields, but you may add HTML markup (<i>italics</i> = italics, <b>boldface</b> = boldface, etc). As a shortcut, you can select text, then type ctrl-i to insert italics, ctrl-b for bold, ctrl-u for underline, or ctrl-" to "quote" the text.

A "Repeat previous entry" button will appear on forms after an event is submitted, and can be used when entering many similar entries (a season's performances, for example). Use it to fill in all fields, then change as desired. Or just double-click in any blank field to fill it with text from the last submitted form. The "repeat" button uses a short-term cookie; the information is forgotten when the browser is closed.

The event Description may include links, but not as HTML markup. Just type or copy/paste the full URL of the link (starting with http:// or https://) and it will become a link when published.

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If you wish, you may upload a PDF or image of a flier or other publicity. We will do our best to display it, and will make it available for download. Note that we cannot upload file names that include an apostrophe character (').

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