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Effective date for entry: 1/20/2014

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Mailing address:Wilton, CT 06897


Adesso was founded by a group of dedicated choristers committed to performing quality music by living composers. We seek to create a forum for the many unsung composers who might be living right in our neighborhoods! Adesso performs twice a year in Wilton, Fairfield County CT. Since our first concert in April 2004, we have performed new works from local composers including Allen Brings, Eric Whitacre, Ken Steen, Michael La Barre, Robert Baksa, Evelyn Avoglia, Jay Gach, Patricia King, Gwyneth Walker, Leonard Lehrman, David Heuser, Tarik O'Regan and Margaret Collins Stoop, as well as newly arranged folks songs from South Africa, Korea, England, Appalachia, Finland and North Argentina. Seminal works by Kodály, Poulenc, Barber, Mozart, Bach, Thompson and Fauré have also been performed.

Our auditions are open to all singers, men or women. What is required is an ability to blend, a solid reading ability, and a commitment to new music. Adesso rehearses in Ridgefield, CT on Tuesday nights from 7:30 to 9:30.

Music Director:Margaret Collins Stoop
Year founded:2001
Number of Singers:8
Voice parts:Adults, mixed

  • Auditions required
  • No dues required

Chorus contact Person: Meg Collins Stoop, Director, tel: 203-788-1190

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