For Patterson Grant Recipients

Receiving Your Grant at the Awards Ceremony

All organizations awarded a grant will be invited to an Awards Ceremony in the fall of the year for which the grant is awarded, and we encourage you to send one or two representatives to the event. Grant checks will be delivered to recipient organizations at the Awards Ceremony (or mailed to those who are unable to be represented there).

Acknowledgement of Choral Arts New England

All published materials and announcements regarding your project must give credit to CHORAL ARTS NEW ENGLAND with references such as the following: "This project is supported in part by an Alfred Nash Patterson Grant from Choral Arts New England." For example, if your project consists of a concert or other performance, this or a similar statement should appear prominently in your concert program book and advertising. Full acknowledgment guidelines will be sent with the notification of grant approval, and are also available here. See

If Your Project Should Change

Applications are approved based on the information provided therein. Any substantial changes in a funded project from its description in the grant application must be approved in writing by Choral Arts New England, or grant funding may be rescinded in whole or in part. If a project cannot be completed during the period for which it was funded, normally the grant would be returned and the applicant encouraged to re-apply (without prejudice) in the following year. Please notify us promptly should changes be necessary so we can work with you.

Project Report

When your project is completed you must submit a final report of your experience with the project, plus an itemized financial statement of the project's actual income and expenses and certain addenda described on the report form. These forms will be provided to grant recipients when they are notified of their grants. Final report forms are available onlineYou may also download a fillable PDF form or a blank Microsoft Word-formatted file. You must submit your final report or you will be ineligible for any future funding from Choral Arts New England.