Named grants

As part of the 2020 "Voice for Voices" campaign, Choral Arts New England instituted a program of named grants, whereby major donors could designate a grant in honor of an individual or institution to commemorate their dedication to the choral arts. The named grant may highlight a particular aspect of choral music, consistent with the mission of Choral Arts New England. Recipients are selected by the Choral Arts New England grants committee, keeping in mind the focus requested by the donor. Named grants will be given each year as part of the Alfred Nash Patterson grants program, which was begun in 1985.

Listed here are Choral Arts New England's named grants and their recipients.

The Hammond Family grant, instituted by Carrie and Jonathan Hammond, is intended to support a collaborative effort or to celebrate a milestone, preferably in Connecticut.
  • 2020: The Hartford Chorale 50th anniversary celebration, featuring a commissioned work by Scott Perkins which will be prepared in 2022, the anniversary year.
The Saxton Family grant, instituted by Jonathan Saxton and Barbara Fox, is intended to support a unique, engaging effort in an underserved area or by a non-auditioned choir.
  • 2020: Capella Clausura's collaborative performance (with Chorus pro Musica) of Dame Ethel Smyth's Mass in D.
The Choral Arts New England Board grant, sponsored by contributions from the Board members of Choral Arts New England, is intended to advance the priorities of the Board in any given year.
  • 2020: Handel and Haydn Society’s Every Voice Community Concert Series, a series of five free uplifting choral concerts for justice and peace that honor the many voices of Boston and highlight those of members of our community who are not often in positions of power.
The Choral Arts New England Board Chairs' grant is sponsored by contributions from the former Chairs and Vice Chairs of Choral Arts New England. The first Chairs' grant recipient will be named in 2021.