Credit Logo Files for Choral Arts New England

The following files may be downloaded for printing or inclusion in online materials that credit Choral Arts New England. You may use the logo that best suits your needs; if you have special requirements, please contact us.

Web logos

The first two (with the tag line) are preferred, but the others are acceptable, particularly when space is limited.

Web Logo color

Web logo: color, transparent (PNG), 72 dpi
(124×191, 8 kB)

Web Logo grayscale

Web logo: black & white, transparent (PNG), 72 dpi
(123×91, 8 kB)

Web Logo color-PNG medium

Web logo: color (PNG), 72 dpi
(168×180, 12 kB)

Web Logo color-PNG small

Web logo: color (PNG), 72 dpi
(57×60, 4 kB)

Print logos

Print Logo color

Print logo: color (TIFF), 300 dpi
(512×374, 592 kB)

Print Logo grayscale

Print logo: black & white (TIFF), 300 dpi
(512×374, 588 kB)

Print Logo color basic

Large print logo, no tag line: color (TIFF), 300 dpi
(788×443, 1 MB)

Print Logo color square

Large print logo, no tag line, square: color (TIFF), 300 dpi
(693×748, 708 kB)