Frequently Asked Questions

I donate to my local chorus. Why should I give to Choral Arts New England as well?

The fact that Choral Arts New England regularly receives over 50 applications from New England choruses each year shows that these choruses need outside funds to achieve their goals. You can and should support your local chorus, but a one-time gift to Choral Arts New England's grant program has a larger and wider impact. Gifts to our endowment become part of a fund from which approximately 5% is drawn each year to support grants. This means that your one-time donation will provide support for choral excellence in perpetuity. This is an extraordinary opportunity to ensure that your gift has an enduring impact.

Additionally, by donating to the Campaign,

  • You make possible innovative programs, premieres, and exceptional repertoire that deepen the impact of choral singing for all choruses and singers.
  • You help choruses both big and small experience the challenge and excitement of reaching higher and taking on special projects and programs.
  • You help fund commissions for new works that enrich and can be performed by the entire choral com-munity.
  • You help choruses receive significant recognition that may strengthen their case for additional support, locally and beyond.
  • The funds that support one chorus provide experience and ideas to all choruses. as we publicize these programs in our newsletter and web site.
  • Our grantmaking supports the entire New England choral community.
  • In addition, we offer special benefits to those who contribute at various levels. Benefits can recognize donations made by a group of individuals, and via pledges fulfilled over several years.

How are the funds managed?

Our endowment is invested with the Boston Foundation and is managed by them as a donor advised fund, designed to be held in perpetuity. Endowment funds are used only for grants, not for operating expenses.

Can I spread my donation across more than one year?

Yes, donations can be spread across the three-year period of this campaign.

Who pays for the operating expenses and fundraising costs of Choral Arts New England?

All operating expenses of Choral Arts New England are paid by Board members and a few outside donors through regular, established donations. Organization operating expenses (overhead) are minimal (generally about $8,000/year), and are never taken from the grant endowment.

Has the Choral Arts New England board contributed to the endowment fund?

Yes. Every board member (there are 20 as of 2019-2020) has pledged a contribution above and beyond the standard board contributions that fund our operating expenses.

If I contribute, will you continue to ask me for donations?

The campaign to double our endowment is a one-time effort for Choral Arts New England. While we of course would be delighted to accept contributions beyond the campaign, we will not be asking you again.\