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Thank You

Thank you for your donation to the Voice For Voices campaign! We welcome your partnership in our efforts to support and enhance the art of singing together closely, warmly, and openly. Please stay in touch.

Grant Trends

Grant proposals increased in number from 23 in 2003 to 52 in 2019, with a peak of 63 in 2014. Similarly, monetary requests increased from $52,891 in 2003 to $170,392 in 2013, with about $123,000 requested in 2019. The graphs on the left illustrate these trends.

As the graphs also show, the number of grants that we have been able to approve has remained fairly steady, ranging from a low of 7 to a high of 15, even though the number of proposals has increased significantly.

"Voice for Voices" Endowment Campaign Giving Levels and Benefits

The Alfred Nash Patterson Fund is invested and managed by The Boston Foundation as a donor advised fund. Each year, Choral Arts New England determines the amount available for grants according to a formula designed to preserve the principal of the fund.

A donation to the "Voice for Voices" Campaign is a gift that will provide funding in support of choral excellence in New England not just once or for a single program, but in perpetuity. It is a gift of enduring impact.

"In the dark times / Will there also be singing? / Yes, there will also be singing. / About the dark times."
 ― Bertolt Brecht